About Me


Hello! I'm a new photographer who is still trying to find my specific style. All of the pictures that I currently am showing off are my (many) attempts at finding the unique style that fits the two criteria of me liking it and having fun creating it as well as other people liking it and sharing it. I'm also getting my footing with cinematography as well because, well, why not? Before I got engulfed into the ginormous world of photography and cinematography, I used to make website and write apps. 


I am just starting out with photography and cinematography so I'm not all that knowledgeable with all of the industry practices, but I am more than willing to learn with you if you are okay with a few growing pains. I am more than happy to take portraits, landscape, architecture and potentially events. For video, I'm more of a beginner than I am with photography but am still more than happy to attempt to make a video for you.

If you are willing to take a chance with me, please use the contact form to get in touch with me so we can figure stuff out.

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